Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winners BTF#16

We were so happy to see some players this week.  Thought maybe you all forgot about us! :)

It was hard to choose from so many good cards too!

This weeks designer is Shauna, so she has all the say!  Lucky her :)

Designers Choice:


Michelle, congrats on winning this weeks Best Dressed award!  Shauna loved how your card is simple and clean, but you added just enough pop with the embossed paper, flower and lace. The embossed paper looks like ribbon and the lace seems like baby's breath. Just a wonderful card overall.  Thanks for playing with us this week.  You can head over to the badges tab to claim your Best Dressed award, plus go fill out the form under Employee of the Week and we'll get you your card!

Casual Friday Awards:
Tiffany's Choice:
Congrats to Anni, Tiffany loved the simple white, with pop of color  of the strip.  Really nice!  Loved the technique used to achieve this too.  The way the sentiment is put together just makes it all come together!  Thanks for playing with us and you can head over to the badges tab to claim your badge.

Kelli's Choice:
Congrats to Marie on such a lovely card.  Kelli loves all the textures in this card along with the color combo. You can go grab your badge from the badges tab!  Thanks for playing this week.

Kendra's Choice:
Kendra loves the embossing look and the clean simple colors. Of course the little toes are adorable! Head on over to the badges tab to grab your Casual Friday award!  Thanks for playing and we hope to see you play again!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monthly Winners

Hey all, there's still time to play in this weeks challenge, so make sure you get entered by tomorrow at noon pacific time.

In the mean time we have some monthly winners to announce!  (YAY!)

November winner: (Joyce)

December Winner: (Mandy)

Congrats to both Joyce and Mandy.  You guys will now qualify for the scrap retreat in the fall!  More information will come when the time gets closer!

Keep on a craftin' :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Black Tie Fridays #16

Sorry people I've had a sick 3 year old for the last several days and have been couch bound with her.  They're so clingy when they're sick, which sometimes can be such a wonderful thing! But....on days when you have to get stuff done it can be so frustrating.  So, sorry it's late!

One of our designers, Kelli, is going to be absent for sometime.  We aren't sure how long, but we look forward to her return.  Her father is very ill.  Prayers are welcome for her family if you'd like to add them.  In the mean time, Tiffany is going to be picking up the extra example for you!

This weeks designer is Shauna, she's given you a great challenge!

I'll provide you some more information for those of you wondering with questions.....
1.) you can stamp your own pattern onto solid paper.
2.) you can create your own pattern using solid paper (grid, weave, etc.)
If you have any more questions let us know!  We're happy to help :)

Our designers have created some wonderful things for you!

Shauna's Card

Tiffany's Card

Tiffany's Card

Kendra's Card

Hopefully you all will have a great weekend Crafting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't forget to get your entries in this weeks challenge!!  Tropical theme is fantastic to play in, I know I love to play at the beach!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Black Tie's #15

This week we hope to bring some warmth to some of you that have been freezing for the last few months!  Some of us have warmth at least part of our days, but some of you have been cold night and day.  Brrrr......

Kendra is our designer this week.  I have been looking forward to this challenge for a long time!!!  Let's see what we've got in store for you this week.  Oh yeah, black is optional this week.  :)

Kendra's card

Shauna's card

Tiffany's Card

Kelli's Card

We really hope you have some fun with this!!
Up Next.....November and December monthly winners.....stay tuned!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winner #14

Good Evening!!!  We had few players this week, but since we've been gone so long it's not a surprise.  We hope you enjoyed the challenge of making a condolence card, and sent them off to CT.  I know I always have a hard time making these kind of cards!  A reminder that when we have fewer than 4 entries we have a team choice award and team casual friday award.  So, make sure you get the word out about the blog and see if you can get your crafty friends to join in the fun!

Team Choice for this week:

Sarah, even agreed that your colors with so much white was fantastic.  The single bird flying away says so much with no words at all.  We also loved the sentiment of letting them know that a prayer is being said by sending your card.  Thanks so much for playing with us this week.  Head on over to the Employee of the week tab to fill out the form to receive your gift card.  You can also grab the Best Dressed award from the Badges tab.  Enjoy your card!

Casual Friday Award:

Jamie, everyone loved the colors of the flowers on your card, with the simple stamping of the flowers on the inside.  You can grab the Casual Friday award from the badges tab to put on your blog.  Thanks for playing!

Coming Up.....Challenge #15

Link Closing!!

Hey all crafters, when I created the link for you all to upload your wonderful cards it automatically was defaulting to be open for one week.  This was not done on purpose.  If you're wanting to submit a card for this weeks challenge I urge you to do so soon!  I'll be going in and manually shutting the link down today around 1:30 Pacific time.  This way we can announce a winner and stay on schedule.  Thanks everyone for playing along this week.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Black Tie's #14

Several weeks ago our country was shocked by the shooting of kids in the CT elementary school.  We were saddened right along with every parent out there.  During this time our challenge was glitter, and Casandra, one of our players submitted her card with a little address to send your sympathy cards to.  We then thought this would be an excellent challenge.  We put our regular stuff on hold to create a condolence card.  We also want to challenge you to not only do this, but to send it off to the P.O. Box provided.  (Thanks Casandra)  She was also our winner last challenge.  Way to put it out there!  

One of our design team members is still on holiday so there is only 3 of us this week.  Let's see what we have for you to see.  Our cards will be sent off as well.  

Tiffany's Card

Shuana's Card

Kelli's Card
For those of you who would like to participate in sending your card off; you may do so at the following address.
Messages of Condolence, P.O. Box 3700, Newton, CT 06470

Thanks again for all of those who join in each week.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winner from Way long ago!!

I'm back in California, with my own computer and it feels great!!!  Now time for back to work!  Work in my craft room, work on my other crafting things, work with the kids, thank God I don't have a "real" job to go to!!

We'd like to announce our winner for the challenge that happened before Christmas!  Challenge #13.

Just a small reminder of what that challenge was!!  

Now that we've refreshed your memory of the challenge, I'll remind you that Kelli was our designer for the week.   I got to scrap with Kelli while I was back in Kansas for the holiday's and we're so excited for what's in store for you this year.

Designers choice this challenge....

Casandra, Kelli loved your card.  It's so sweet with the glittery snow balls. The background adds to much to the picture, but doesn't distract your eye. The colors are an amazing choice too!  Such a great card!  You can head over to the Employee of the week tab and fill out the form to receive your gift card from Kelli.  Don't forget to grab your Best Dressed award.  Thanks for playing with us at Black Tie Fridays!

Tiffany & Shauna's Choice:
Jamie, your stamp set used was great winter chilly weather kind of card!  The touch of glitter added so much to the winter feel.  You can grab your casual Friday badge to put on your blog. Thanks for playing with us!

Kendra's Choice:
Marie, your card is gleaming with beauty.  Everything just comes together with the colors and music.  Head on over to the Badges tab to grab your Casual Friday award.  Thanks for playing!

***Our next Challenge will be posted this Friday, the 11th of Jan.  You guys are going to love it,  we're really excited about what we're doing!

Friday, January 4, 2013

We're BACK!!

Wow, I didn't think traveling would cause me to have so many computer issues! But the hubby is allowing me some time on his work laptop, (shhh, I'm not supposed to be!) We are doing some really cool things in the very near future and need your help!!

While we are going to start up with our challenges really soon, we'd like to challenge you with a twist first!

We are going to give you some authority.  Here are the rules....

  • Submit a challenge that you'd like us to do! (yep, we want you to challenge us.)
  • The challenges are due by Jan. 16th, midnight Pacific Time.  (I'll be back in California by then!) 
  • You can submit a form to enter your name, email, and idea for us. The form will be located under the Company Policy Tab.  
  • Our top three choices will be announced one week later, and those winners will get a gift card from us! 
  • Winner's challenges will be produced by us and brought live in a random order starting in February.  
  • Yea, fun huh?
Ok, now for announcement no. 2....

  • We are looking for someone to be a guest help us promote the blog, design some challenges, and be a part of our team for some time.  If you are interested in being a guest designer please head over to the Pencil Me In tab and submit the form!  As a designer you are required to be able to send the winner of your design week a $5 gift card.  (I owe a couple people these.  They will be out soon) 

Lastly, our winner from the last challenge will be up shortly.

Thanks for not firing us and continuously checking in.  Life will be back to normal next week....I'll be home, with access to a computer at my own free will!