Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Tie Fridays #11

We've finally made it to challenge #11 after a week off for Thanksgiving.  Shauna is this weeks designer.  We hope you all enjoy this challenge.  Be creative!!!

Let's see what our designers came up for you this week.  

Shauna's layout

Tiffany's Card

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

We really hope to keep up the players!  Keep up the good work on spreading the word!  Don't forget last weeks challenge entry #10 needs to go fill out the form to also get a $5 gift card!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winner #10

Yet another week has flown by.  Can you believe it?  Thanks for all you gals that played along with our #10 challenge of black and white with a cutout.  It was awesome that with all your support we hit our goal of 10 entries!  Thank you all soo much!!!  You had an amazing happy team this last week.

With more players it gets more challenging to pick a winner!

This week we had Kendra doing the designing so she's the "winner picker" (I love making words up!)

Designer's Choice:

Shana Gaff

Shana your card is so elegant and pretty. Simple and clean.  It just took Kendra's breath away.  Congrats and head on over to grab your badge along with filling out your form so we can get your card in the mail to you.  Thanks for playing along with us this week.

Kelli's Choice:

Congrats Alyssa for a fantastic card.  Kelli really loved the way you used your punches.  You can head over to the badges and grab your casual Friday award!  Thanks for playing.

Shauna's Choice:

Congrats Cassandra on an amazing card.  Shauna loves all the details that are involved with your card.  You can head over to the badges tab and grab your Casual Friday award.  Thanks for playing along with us this week!

Tiffany's Choice:

Sarah, you had such a simple card, and Tiffany loves the splash of color along with the lines of the Merry Christmas.  Thanks for playing with us this week.  Head on over to the badges tab to claim your Casual Friday award for this week.

We can't thank you gals enough for coming over to the blog to play and getting us to a goal of 10 entries!  The lucky number 10 entry will also win a $5 gift card, so make sure you go and fill out the form so we can get that in the mail to you.

Hope to see you all again real soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey blog family,

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.  Our bellies are full, our naps taken, some shopping done, and now it's back to the grind.  Our design team is gearing up for the next month, and it's looking fantastic!!  We will be announcing the winner for the cutout theme this week, along with some other exciting blogs.  We want to share some of our favorite blogs to play at, and give you a chance to show us blogs you play in too.  There is more fun stuff to come.

This is an exciting time for all of us, but we've yet to announce the winner for the whole month of October!  Wow, where did the time go???

Our team voted for this winner.  This winner will get the opportunity to vacate to California (San Francisco area) for a scrap retreat next fall.  This trip is going to be an amazing time of scrapping, touring and having a grand time with a great group of gals.  We hope to see as many as our monthly winners as possible next year.


Congrats Alyssa, we really hope to see you next fall!  When the time gets closer you will be hearing from us on how to get in to the retreat!

Coming up....
Tiffany's favorite blogs to play at.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Black Tie's #10

This week will be fun, and we're excited to see what you show us.  We'd really still like to see 10 entries, especially since it's the 10th challenge we've posted!  Thanks again to those who play with us regularly, check in often, and get the word out.

Designer of the week is Kendra.  She has come up with a great challenge for you....

Let's see what the design team has created for you.

Kendra's Card
Shauna's Card

Kelli's Card

Tiffany's Card

Thursday, November 15, 2012

BTF #9 Winner

This week has been an interesting one!  What started out with high hopes and great intentions ended up with 3 very sick kids and two semi sick adults on the couch for 3 days.  My appologies for not getting to your guys's blogs this week to leave comments.

All the entries were great, and there is something that I love about each and every one of them.

When we have less than four entries we do the designers choice and a team choice.  Make sure you guys get out there and spread the word about the blog.  We would still love to hit the goal of 10 entries. It would probably blow us away!

Designers choice this week:

Congratulations to Joyce on a fantastic card. Shauna really loved the way you masked the card and the color choices.  You can head over to the Employee of the week tab and fill out the form, your card will be to you shortly.  Also go over to the badges tab and grab the Best Dressed award for your blog.

Design Team Choice:

 Congrats to Shauna winning Casual Friday award.  Head over to the Badges to claim your badge.  The team love the way you masked the card and your color choices.  Thanks for playing along with us this week.

Thanks everyone for playing this week.  This week we will be announcing the winner for the month of October.  This winner will have the opportunity to come scrap at the fall retreat in California! So stay tuned.  We will also be featuring our design team members favorite blog challenges to play at.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Winner's and More!!

Whew,  not sure I even know how to begin this!!!  We apologize for the um...interesting link issue.

We all really loved the grid.  It's so fun to see the extremely different cards that come out of one little square!

Designer's Choice:

Aimee, I just loved the simplicity of how the lights wind around the sentiment.  Love the font too!  Really nice job on the card, I wish I was receiving this as a Christmas card from someone!  Amazing! You can head over to the Employee of the week tab, fill out the form and a gift will be in the mail shortly.  You can also go grab the Best Dressed award badge over under the badges tab.  Thanks for playing along with us.

We had a couple of our design team members pick the same card so congrats to.....
 Joyce, congrats on winning casual Friday award!  Kelli and Kendra both loved your card!  Kendra really liked the purple and green combination and the curves of the card, while Kelli liked the flowers added with the patterned paper.  Nicely done!

Shauna's Choice:
Jen, welcome to challenges, and congrats on winning this weeks Casual Friday award!  Shauna really liked all the layers and how your card came together along with the sentiment.  Nicely done!!  You can head over to the badges tab to claim your Casual Friday badge for your blog.  Thanks for playing with us this week.

On to this weeks challenge!!!  Thanks again winners and all of those that play with us.  Keep sharing!

This week is yet another black optional week, man third week in a row!  Maybe we should have a mandatory tux week.

Masking is definitely not my strong technique, and it took me three cards before I finally came up with one I liked.  So, hopefully you all can knock our socks off!!  I sure need to work on this one!

Let's see what our design team came up with for you.

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

Shauna's Wine Label

Tiffany's Card

Tiffany's Card

Please show us what you've got hidden up your sleeve!


Where is this weeks challenge????

The link was messed up and stayed open longer than it should so we let it be.....a winner will be announced and a new challenge up tonight.  We apologize for the delay, what seems like once again.  I promise our lives aren't normally like this!

We look forward to see what you guys put up each week, and are thankful for those who play along with us.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Black Tie's #8

Well, Friday is almost over, and it seems like this challenge wasn't going to be up today but I sacrificed cleaning (boo whoo).  We hope you all really enjoy this one and get someone to join in on the fun!

Ok, here's the rules....
you have to pick ONE from each ROW, it's not a tic tack toe.
Black is optional....have fun!
If you get a friend to play this week you will get a special something!

Let's see what the design team has got for you this week.

Tiffany's Card (rect, twine, green)

Shauna's  Card (circle, purple, metal)

Kendra's Card (circle, purple, metal)

Kelli's Card (square, yellow, flower)

Have fun with the grid this week, and making the choice yourself!


Dear Staff, Employees, followers and crafters of Black Tie Friday's,

The new Challenge for this week will be up later today.  We're real sorry for the delay.  Due to the holiday in the middle of the week we seem to be just a tad behind this week.  

We hope you all enjoyed your evening of trick or treating or answering your doors.  We'd love to get a treat from you this week by playing with us, it's going to be a great one, and there is no trick about that!

Please check back later for challenge #8.

The Management

(ha, I just couldn't resist!)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekly Winner #7

This weeks challenge was to distress and stitch.  These are few two of my favorite things!  I really hope you are enjoying the challenges over here at Black Tie Friday's

This week's design was by Shauna, so she get's to be the lucky one to pick the winner.

Designer's choice:  

Congrats on another winning and what a beautiful flower you made.  Shauna loves the uniqueness of the flower and the beauty of the distressed paper.  You can head over to the Employee of the week tab and fill out the form for your prize.  Shauna will have your card in the mail once you fill it out! You can also grab the Best Dressed award for your blog.   Thanks for playing with us.

Tiffany's Choice:

Tiffany really likes the dark colors contrasting the silver. Love the layers on the card too.  You can head over to the badges tab to grab your casual Friday award for your blog.  Thanks for playing with us at Black Tie Friday's.

Kendra's Choice: 

Kendra loves Joyce's card this week.  All the textures of the papers and inks working together.  Really love the stitching along the banner.  Way to go Joyce!  Head on over to grab your Casual Friday award, and thanks for playing along with us this week.

Kelli's Choice:

Shana, Kelli loves your distress, layout design and the added tool!  Congrats on winning the Casual Friday award, and your continued support for our challenges!