Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Gift

This morning we have a special gift for you!  Enjoy!!

You can access this weeks challenge here.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Black Tie's #13

It's almost the holiday's and we're deffinitly feeling it!!!  It might be those last minute gifts, or holiday cards needing to be finished and sent, maybe it's all the music and wrapping paper, or the snow falling. What ever it is we've got a challenge to match your christmas needs!!

Kelli is this weeks designer and I think her challenge is awesome for this time of year! Oh, and Black is OPTIONAL!  So glitz, glitter, jazz, and make it sparkle!!  Now let's see what the design team has for you.

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

Shauna's Project

Tiffany's Card

I know it's getting closer to Christmas and we are having less and less time to craft in our rooms/spaces, so we really appreciate those who are finding the time to take part in our challenges.  We are going to try and keep up with the blog through the holiday's.  (Even though Tiffany will not be at home!)  We'd also like to give you a Christmas present!  Come back tomorrow to open it up!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winner Announced!

We thank you again for participating in challenge #12, BIRDS, with Black Tie this week.

Tiffany was the designer for the week, and therefore is the boss! (Bwahahahah) Just kidding!!

We had a wonderful assortment of birds, which is fun to see.

Designers Choice of Best Dressed:
Shana Gaff

Ok, so I'm a sucker for snowmen! But a snowman with birds, now that just tops it off.  I love the embossed folder that you used with the great colors, and the details you gave your snowman.  Thanks so much for playing and your continued support for our challenges.  Head over to give us your info for your card and grab your badge.  Fun stuff!!

The team chose the Casual Friday award this week, and the winner goes to Shelly.  Congrats Shelly on a wonderful peacock card.  The team loved your colors along with the peacock.  What a wonderful thing to give to your mom.  You can go over to the badges tab and grab your badge for this week.  We'd love to display your picture, but your restrictions will not allow us to get it.  Is there a way you can get it to us?  

Looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for the next challenge!  Thanks for playing!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Challenge #12 & Winner

My goodness this week has flown by, yesterday I thought it was Wednesday all day so I feel like I'm ahead of things, but then quickly realize I'm say the least, it's been frustrating!  So winner and challenge combined it is!

This weeks designer was Shauna with the challenge of weaving.

Designer's choice: (and Kelli & Kendra)


Congrats to Mandy on a wonderful card.  Kendra really loved the shinny paper to give your card a great pop.  You can go over to the employee of the week tab to fill out the form for us to get you your choice of card!  You can also grab the Best Dressed award for this week over on the badges tab.  Thanks for playing along with us!

Tiffany's Choice:

Congrats Shauna on winning the Casual Friday award.  Tiffany really likes the patterned paper with the off set sentiment.  Grab your badge, and thanks for playing!

Ok, since I thought I was ahead, and really behind!  Here is your challenge for this week!

Tiffany is the designer this week, and it's one of my favorite things!!

Let's see what the designers have created for you. (don't forget your black)

Tiffany's Card
The card I had originally done isn't wanting to come off my camera and onto the computer, so I've put this card up that I finished earlier in the week.  Hopefully I can get the glitch to "fix"itself so I can get it up here!!

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

Shauna's Card