Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Winners, New Challenge

Hey all, we're back doing another challenge.

My wrist is still so painful to type, so please excuse the lack of posts.  It's hard to be motivated to blog when I sit and type for 5 min and then in excruciating pain, then have to heat my wrist or ice it just type some more.

So our winner this week captured our {hearts} for sure!

Best Dressed Award:

Jacie, we just love the pattern on the heart, the small details, and the sentiment do a nice job of pulling it all together.  Thanks so much for playing with us this week and make sure you fill out the form under Employee of the week to claim your prize!

 Casual Friday Award:

Sarah,  we really love the patterned birds, and the simplicity of the white with the grey gives your card a nice simple feel.  Thanks for playing with us!  Make sure to grab your badge for you blog!

Our challenge for this next week is coming from Tiffany, and we hope you will share the blog and get your friends to play!!  We also will be continuing this pattern of winners and challenged announced at the same time until the doctor gives Tiffany the ok to be sitting at the computer more.  (6 more weeks of physical therapy and hopefully will be back to normal)

Tiffany's Card

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

Shauna has blessed us with some great time, but will be taking a break for a few weeks while she gets her new schedule.  She's has gone from a stay at home mom to working a real job!  We wish her congrats for her new job, but can't wait for her to return to our team!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Winners & New Challenge

Oh MY Gosh!!  The blog completely slipped my mind this week.  This is birthday season in my house; we literally have 2-3 birthdays a week the whole month of May!  I'm not kidding, by the second week we're sick of birthdays, and by the end of the month we could puke cake and ice cream and our happy birthday song becomes monotone.

So, I apologize for my forgetfulness, hope you will too!

Our team winner this week is.....

Sarah the simplicity of the card is fantastic, and the hats thrown in the air is great!  Congrats on winning this weeks Best Dressed award.  Please make sure you fill out the form under Employee of the Week to get your $5 gift card. You can also grab your badge for your win this week!

Casual Friday award:
Shana, we really love the idea of your card and the brightness of it is fantastic.  A big thanks for playing with us this week.  Make sure to grab your badge!

This weeks Challenge:

Ok, so this challenge is brought to you by Shauna.  It's VERY much Shauna, and I think you'll have fun with it.  For myself it was a hard challenge, but I know you all will blow our socks away!

Let's see what the design team has created for you.

Shauna's Card

Tiffany's Layout

Details of Tiffany's

Kendra's Card

Kelli's Card

Kelli's Project :)