Friday, September 20, 2013

Challenge 32 & Winner

TGIF right?  I know I'm ready for the weekend!!

Sorry for the late blog post.  We had a pet emergency yesterday and it took the majority of my day, so when I should have been spending time, typing up a blog, laundry, homework with kids, etc. I was at the vet.  At least the dog is in recovery now and will hopefully be fine (although she is old).

Alright, this last challenge was fun, and we loved all your entries.  Shauna has chosen a winner and that is.....

Shauna loved the vintage feel of the pattern paper and thought it fit so well with the lady stamp.  The flower on the hat added that nice detail and brought that lady to life.  Thanks for playing with us this challenge.  Make sure to grab your badge of Best Dressed and to fill out your form for your prize!

Casual Friday Award:
Marie, You've been selected at the Casual Friday winner!!  Congrats and thanks for playing with us this Challenge.  We enjoy your work. Make sure to head over and grab your badge!

New Challenge!!  Yay, it's crafting time and just in time for the weekend! I know I'm happy!!  This challenge is coming from Tiffany, have fun!!

Let's see what the design team came up with.

Tiffany's Layout

Tiffany's bling

Kendra's card

Shauna's Card

(Kelli's will be joining us soon)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Winner + New Challenge

Good Morning everyone, we were thrilled with so many people excited to see us back!  It really makes us feel good about what we do! (to bad HR hasn't started noticing and pay us what we're worth!)

Keep telling all those you can about us we'd love to see tons and tons of players!! :)

So, this last challenge was all about recycling, and we were amazed at what you guys came up with!  But like most challenges we have to have a winner.  Since it was Kelli's week, she gets to pick......

Jackie, Kelli loved how your whole card came together with so many different things you used.  The colors are wonderful!  You can go over to the badges to grab your Best Dressed award and also don't forget to fill out the form under Employee of the Week to get your reward!  Thanks for playing with us this challenge!

As for our next winner; our team has decided to use random generators to pick who wins.  Right now we are using for this.  This may change as we use this more.  But this week.....

Congrats to Shana for being chosen as this challenges "Casual Friday" winner.  Thanks for playing with us.

Now for our next challenge!  (Whoot Whoot)

Shauna is bringing it to us this week.....

Let's see what the design team has brought for you!

Tiffany's Layout

I just love detail photos! (sorry)

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

(Shauna's will be joining us soon)

We can't wait to see what you all craft up this time, and don't forget to spread your excitement for Black Tie Fridays!