Friday, November 2, 2012

Black Tie's #8

Well, Friday is almost over, and it seems like this challenge wasn't going to be up today but I sacrificed cleaning (boo whoo).  We hope you all really enjoy this one and get someone to join in on the fun!

Ok, here's the rules....
you have to pick ONE from each ROW, it's not a tic tack toe.
Black is optional....have fun!
If you get a friend to play this week you will get a special something!

Let's see what the design team has got for you this week.

Tiffany's Card (rect, twine, green)

Shauna's  Card (circle, purple, metal)

Kendra's Card (circle, purple, metal)

Kelli's Card (square, yellow, flower)

Have fun with the grid this week, and making the choice yourself!

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