Friday, January 4, 2013

We're BACK!!

Wow, I didn't think traveling would cause me to have so many computer issues! But the hubby is allowing me some time on his work laptop, (shhh, I'm not supposed to be!) We are doing some really cool things in the very near future and need your help!!

While we are going to start up with our challenges really soon, we'd like to challenge you with a twist first!

We are going to give you some authority.  Here are the rules....

  • Submit a challenge that you'd like us to do! (yep, we want you to challenge us.)
  • The challenges are due by Jan. 16th, midnight Pacific Time.  (I'll be back in California by then!) 
  • You can submit a form to enter your name, email, and idea for us. The form will be located under the Company Policy Tab.  
  • Our top three choices will be announced one week later, and those winners will get a gift card from us! 
  • Winner's challenges will be produced by us and brought live in a random order starting in February.  
  • Yea, fun huh?
Ok, now for announcement no. 2....

  • We are looking for someone to be a guest help us promote the blog, design some challenges, and be a part of our team for some time.  If you are interested in being a guest designer please head over to the Pencil Me In tab and submit the form!  As a designer you are required to be able to send the winner of your design week a $5 gift card.  (I owe a couple people these.  They will be out soon) 

Lastly, our winner from the last challenge will be up shortly.

Thanks for not firing us and continuously checking in.  Life will be back to normal next week....I'll be home, with access to a computer at my own free will!


  1. The holidays have been crazy busy for me, too. Looks like a lot of fun in store for the coming year. :)

  2. Cassandra, you are right, we have lots of fun stuff planned.