Friday, January 18, 2013

Black Tie's #15

This week we hope to bring some warmth to some of you that have been freezing for the last few months!  Some of us have warmth at least part of our days, but some of you have been cold night and day.  Brrrr......

Kendra is our designer this week.  I have been looking forward to this challenge for a long time!!!  Let's see what we've got in store for you this week.  Oh yeah, black is optional this week.  :)

Kendra's card

Shauna's card

Tiffany's Card

Kelli's Card

We really hope you have some fun with this!!
Up Next.....November and December monthly winners.....stay tuned!


  1. Hi Ladies! I'm new here and was thinking of playing along but I've just got a question about the 'company policy' :) It says you have to add black but not just black ink but when I've been looking through, it seems not a lot of people are using black. Can you please verify this? Thank so much!!

  2. We would idealy like you to use something black (not black to count as your black) you can use black ink all you want, but if you can put something like brads, ink some chipboard, black paper, ribbon, etc. We won't exclude you if you use black ink as your black. Some of the challenges black optional. If it doesn't say anything than we for sure want to see your black! This challenge is black optional, which I forgot to add and will now!! Hope you enjoy the challenges!!

  3. Hi Sandra, I can't wait to see your entry!

  4. I love to play along in these challenges. Some weeks I'm just a little too busy. Keep up the good work! :)