Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekly Winner #6

Well gals it's that time again!!  I'm impressed with your creativity in the cards that you've made.  This one was tricky for sure!!!  We're happy to see some new players this week!

This week Kendra was our designer so she is the one who gets all the pickin' for the winner!

Designer's Choice:

Congrats!  Kendra really adored the ferris wheel, creativity and how you tied in the required colors with the other color scheme from your card.  If you go over to the Employee of the Week tab, fill out the form, your card will be in the mail shortly!  You can also go to the badges tab and grab your winner badge of "Best Dressed" to display on your blog.  Thanks for playing with us!

Funny how things work out, because we all chose someone different this week!!

Shauna's Choice:
Shelly.  Shauna loved how you started with the black and faded to light brown.  Your inside is fantastic!  I'd love to share your pic, but you must have a setting on your blog that won't allow me to. :( If you'd like to check out Shelly's card please click here.  Shelly you can go grab the Casual Friday badge to put on your blog!

Tiffany's Choice:

 Joyce I really love the flower and the simplicity of your card, one of those less is more things.  Simply beautiful.  You can head over and grab your "Casual Friday" award, and thanks for playing along!

Kelli's Choice:
Shana, you have amazed us once again and so glad you got it done in time!  Love the details of your card and the technique of the pop out.  Great work, and thanks for your continued support with our challenge blog!  Go over to grab your badge for this weeks Casual Friday award.

This week I thought I would end with a picture I found about how you should break up your work week...

to bad it's not scrap 100% of the time!!

Have a great week you all, and I'll see you back here tomorrow with another challenge!

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