Friday, August 23, 2013

Challenge #30

So here we are folks!  I didn't think it would be the entire summer...good grief, where did time go?  So, why were we gone so long you ask?


two of us had to pack up our entire craft rooms!!!!!!!!  Yes, the entire thing!!!!!!!  Kendra was getting new carpet, which is fun.  Tiffany's boys WERE sharing a room and the crazy parents that we are decided to split them and give them their own room.  So my entire craft room was moved.....

....into my bedroom. (yuck) 
California houses are small, especially for those crafting people. 

This was the beginning of the mess brought into my bedroom.  See that two door cabinet on the very right????  A whole craft room was now to fit into that little cabinet space.  (It is very deep, but still).  So, it's taken most of the summer to get this room organized into that little space, some getting rid of stuff, including clothes so I could overflow into my closet. (also very small) My new crafting space is that white desk in the corner; that used to be somewhere else too! Say goodbye to a spacious table... (sigh)  Oh, the things we give up for our kids....

This is the beginning of the end result....
I might add that this cabinet was full of other things, like luggage, blankets, business supplies.... that stuff must find a new home.... (sigh)

Here is the final cabinet, so crafting has not only been a challeng, but remembering where it all is, is hard too.  

Besides craft rooms, you know that Shauna started a new job, Kelli lost a loved one, and Kendra got married!  We've been a little crazy with life to say the least.  We're adjusted to new schedules, settling into routine and ready to get back into crafting!  Yay!!!

Now, onto the challenge :)

Kelli is bringing the challenge this week, and we're excited!!

***black is optional in this challenge.

Kelli: recycled phone book page

Shauna: recycled scraps of paper

Tiffany: recycled cardboard for base

Kendra: recycled bobby pins

***We have a new "rule" to our challenges.  We're extending our challenge time to TWO weeks!!  This is exciting for everyone. (more time)

Make sure to tell your friends!! And we'll be seeing you through your crafting.  Don't forget about the $5 gift card to Starbucks or Target. We will soon be adding gifts from Close to My Heart (Tiffany) or Stampin Up! (Kelli)  So make sure to keep a look out for those added prizes to the form when the winner fills it out.  


  1. Yay! I'm so excited you're back. I have missed you girls and your unique challenges! I can't wait to get started on this one. I love that they now run for two weeks. Hopefully I won't miss one this way. lol Welcome back!

    1. Thanks Shana, we're happy to be here again! We love seeing your work too, and have missed crafting with our blogging buddies!. We also have changed a couple other rules, so check out the "our policy" tab. Mostly just ink changes.

  2. Glad to see you girls coming back - I missed you! I am ready to play again, yeahh!

    But you gotta do something about the word verification - please, please turn it off - do comment moderation instead - it is sooo cumbersome to read those things.....

    1. Alright changed some settings for the comment section so hopefully that will take away the word verification. Thanks for playing with us!

  3. I wish you all well. Happy to have you back. Have a wonderful weekend.