Friday, October 26, 2012

Black Tie's #7

Hey it's Friday!  Can we say that again? I know I'm excited :)  I'd really like to meet someone who just really didn't like Friday....I wonder if it's possible?

It's Shauna's week for this challenge, and I was excited for it as soon as she announced to the team what it would be.  It includes two of my favorite things!

The design team came up with some wonderful things.  Let's see what they look like....

Shauna's card

Tiffany's Card

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

They all just turned out so amazing!  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this week.  I've extended the Linky List for a couple of hours since it's due on Halloween.  Everyone is going to be getting ready for the fun evening of trick or treating I'm sure.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekly Winner #6

Well gals it's that time again!!  I'm impressed with your creativity in the cards that you've made.  This one was tricky for sure!!!  We're happy to see some new players this week!

This week Kendra was our designer so she is the one who gets all the pickin' for the winner!

Designer's Choice:

Congrats!  Kendra really adored the ferris wheel, creativity and how you tied in the required colors with the other color scheme from your card.  If you go over to the Employee of the Week tab, fill out the form, your card will be in the mail shortly!  You can also go to the badges tab and grab your winner badge of "Best Dressed" to display on your blog.  Thanks for playing with us!

Funny how things work out, because we all chose someone different this week!!

Shauna's Choice:
Shelly.  Shauna loved how you started with the black and faded to light brown.  Your inside is fantastic!  I'd love to share your pic, but you must have a setting on your blog that won't allow me to. :( If you'd like to check out Shelly's card please click here.  Shelly you can go grab the Casual Friday badge to put on your blog!

Tiffany's Choice:

 Joyce I really love the flower and the simplicity of your card, one of those less is more things.  Simply beautiful.  You can head over and grab your "Casual Friday" award, and thanks for playing along!

Kelli's Choice:
Shana, you have amazed us once again and so glad you got it done in time!  Love the details of your card and the technique of the pop out.  Great work, and thanks for your continued support with our challenge blog!  Go over to grab your badge for this weeks Casual Friday award.

This week I thought I would end with a picture I found about how you should break up your work week...

to bad it's not scrap 100% of the time!!

Have a great week you all, and I'll see you back here tomorrow with another challenge!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Tie #6

This weeks challenge I found fun and challenging.  Our wonderful designer Kendra had me thinking for sure.   Thanks for this awesome challenge.

Let's see what the design team has come up for you today!

Kendra's Outside

Kendra's 3-D inside

Shauna's outside
Shauna's Inside
Shauna's 3-D

Tiffany's Outside
Tiffany's Inside
Tiffany's 3-D
Kelli's Front
Kelli's 3-D inside

This week we have a special incentive for you.  For everyone who gets a friend to play along will get a special gift from the design team!  So, go out and get your friends!  If you want business cards leave a comment and we'll make sure we get some out to you!  Thanks and enjoy 3-D

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 5 Winner

Hey all, please continue to tell your friends about us.  We have some business cards to help spread the word.  If you're interested in having some please leave a comment with how many you would like and we'll make sure we get some in the mail to you.

This week was slow, but we're still glad that you all like to play!  Hopefully we'll pick up soon!!  Keep on playing.  On to the winner...

Designer's Choice for Best Dressed:


Kelli adored the color pallet on your card, and the non traditional Halloween card.  Congrats on winning two weeks in a row. Head over to the Employee of the week tab, fill out the form, and Kelli will have your card in the mail soon.  (Yours from last week is out in the mail today, sorry for the delay) 

Team Choice:

Shana, congrats on winning this weeks Casual Friday award.  Head on over and grab your badge.  We really loved your bright colors and striking black background.

There is a surprise in store for the next challenge, so keep spreading the word about Black Tie Friday's. We want to thank you for your continued support in playing with us!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Tie's #5

We all like to give out a high five at the office when someone does something good.  People love High Five's.  Babies, kids in school, sport games, it's awesome like that.  That's why this weeks challenge is awesome!  I like to imagine a little starburst escapes the hands when they slap together.

Ah, see it?  Me too!  So your challenge this week guessed it....

The design team has created some awesome starburst stuff for you to see.
Kelli's Card
Tiffany's Card

Shauna's Layout

Kendra's Card

I wonder how many high fives we can get this week.  Show us by entering your starburst effect.
So, slap us some skin!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winner Announced

Hey everyone, we are growing slowly, while we seem to have few players one week and a handful the next.  Keep putting the word out there on how much you enjoy playing along with us.

With the week coming to a close we are gearing up for another challenge, but we first have to announce a winner for this one!

Designers Choice:

Congratulations to Alyssa on winning the Best Dressed award.  Loved your color combination and the layout of the card!  Head over to the Employee of the Week tab, fill out the form, and you will have a special gift to you in the mail soon.  You can also go to the badges tab and grab your Best Dressed badge for your blog.  Thanks for playing and we hope to see you again soon!

Since we had few entries, we did the team choice award again.

Casual Friday award goes to.

Shana, congrats on winning the Casual Friday award.  This is so creative, the team loved all the details!  I think any one of us would put it on our desks!!  Head on over to grab your badge for your blog.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Tie's #4

Hey all, it's Friday!  TGIF right?  I know that's what I'm feeling.  It's been a crazy, whirlwind, dizzy week at our house.  Tonight is the first night I don't have anything to do.  I might hit the craft room since I missed out on a couple of challenges that I wanted to partake in this week.

We've made it to week 4 and we hope you'll find the challenge fun!!

It's Tiffany's week, and she's excited to see what you all come up with!

 Let's see what the design team came up with for you this week....

Tiffany's Card

Tiffany's Card 

Kendra's card

Shauna's Layout

Kelli's Layout

Since we are late on getting this up we are giving you until Thursday at noon pacific time.  The winner will be announced Thursday evening and a new challenge will go up on Friday morning.   We hope you have lots of fun!!

Black Tie's Winner

Hey all,  so sorry for getting this whole week out a little late, it's just been one of those weeks!  Our designer for the week was recovering from a surgery so we are little behind, but still here.  I'll have the challenge posted later today.

We've had a great week, new players, new followers, and we hit over 1,000 hits on the blog!  Way to go everyone.  We can't do it without you coming, playing, and telling your friends.

Designers choice this week goes to....

Shana Gaff!  Way to go, three weeks in a row!  Kendra is loving your spray paper and simplicity of your card.  Head on over to the Employee of the week tab to fill out your form for your gift card!  Enjoy.  Hope to see you in the future weeks.

Each designer pics a winner for the "Casual Friday" award.  These winners can go over to the badges tab to grab the design for your blog!

Kelli's Winner:

 Rita, we love all the circles, and of course the cute cat!  Go on over to the badge tab to claim your badge!!

Shauna's Choice:

Leslie!  Love the bag!!  Cute tag, colors and design.  You can also head over to the badges tab to claim your "Casual Friday" badge.

Tiffany's Choice:

Alyssa!  Congrats on winning the "Casual Friday" award on your first challenge.  I love the embossed circles, ribbon, colors, and sentiment.  So, so cute!  You can go over to the Badges tab, and grab your winner badge for your blog.

Thank you all for playing!!  We really enjoy everyone's projects, and we hope to see you back here playing again.

The challenge for this week will be up later today (I apologize again), but since we're running a little late we will keep it open an extra day!  You will have until Thursday to finish this weeks challenge.  So, hey there is a plus.

If you're a follower of Christ, please pray for our design team member, Kendra, and a speedy recovery for her.

Hope to see you all real soon, and hey, it's Friday! So, while you're wearing your best dressed clothes, kick off those shoes, but please leave the socks on....we don't like smelly feet!