Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Tie's #3

Sorry ladies for getting this one out a little late.  I had a late night, an early morning, and a bossy 2 year old girl that hasn't been letting me sit at my computer today.

This weeks challenge is from Kendra. (I was for sure challenged!)

Let's see what your design team has put together for you.

Kendra's Card

Shauna's Tag

Shauna's Bookmark

Kelli's Card

Tiffany's Layout
We hope you ladies have fun with this and create some wild Halloween crafts.  We're shooting for 10 entries yet again this week and once we do there will be something special!!  We are also still looking for ladies to add to the design team.  If you're interested head over to the Pencil me In tab and fill out the form.  The design team will take a look and make a decision on if you're a great fit for us.  Happy scrapping everyone!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Black Tie's Weekly Winner

Well, this week was much slower than last week, but more and more people are coming to our new site and we're excited about that!  Our goal is to hit 10 entries sometime in the first month so keep spreading the word about the blog!

The three entries were all so wonderful.  We really do enjoy looking at all your cards!

Designers Choice:  This weeks pick is Shana Gaff!  Congrats on two weeks in a row!!  Make sure you go over to the Employee of the Week tab to fill out your form for your gift card.  Our little way of saying thanks for playing and congrats on the win!

Casual Friday Award:
Since we had so few entries we decided to do a design team winner for the Casual Friday award.  This award goes to... Gail.  The team loved your Z fold with the large ornament on the card.  You can go over and grab your Casual Friday Badge to put on your blog if you'd like.

Check back on Friday for the new challenge that we are excited to bring you, and we hope you all will enjoy it too!  Keep telling your craft groups/friends about our blog.  And remember, it's almost Friday so make sure you have your best dressed on!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Shauna

Shauna is a wonderful, fun sprited person. She's a mother of 2 little ones that keep her busy and on the go all the time. She lives in just over the Missouri borer in the KC metro area. She's been scrapping for about 3 years and loves to scrap her little ones activities. Thanks for joining our team Shauna, we can't wait to see you grow in your crafting! There is still time to play with the Black Tie's #2 challenge. We are really wanting to see 10 entries. Keep up on spreading the word of the fresh, new blog challenge on the web!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Black Tie's Back with #2

Kelli, our designer of the week, would like to welcome you all back to the office. Um, craft room. With this weeks challenge we hope to see a few more entries and are pumped to see what you have up your sleeve.  (Please don't start undressing I believe it's grounds for getting fired.)

Let's see what Kelli's creating today!

Now for those designers, were they up for the challenge?  

Kelli's Layout

Kelli's Card

Kendra's Card

Tiffany's Card

Tiffany's Tags

We'd also like to welcome a new member to our design team!  Her name is Shauna and she's dusting off her stuff to make her way into the craft room again.  Here is what she designed for us this week.  Come back later in the week to learn about Shauna! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black Tie Friday's Winner

We really REALLY appriciate those few who started off our challenge blog and are excited that you had fun taking part in the challenge!  We really hope you all come back to play some more.  Even though there was about half of what we were setting our goal for we started and you played!  It was a hard choice for me to pick a winner, with only 6 you'd think it would be easy, but it wasn't.  They are all so wonderful, and I LOVE something about each one of them.

Designer's Choice this week for Best Dressed award goes to Shana Gaff!  I love the white on white, the butterflies really popped, and then her black ribbon popped so nicely with the banner effect and the black card base.  Nice Job!

Shana you can go grab your BEST DRESSED award, and make sure you fill out your form for your gift card under the Employee of the Week tab.  Shana, you will now be up for the month of September winners.  At the end of the month a voting will happen, and if you are the winner of the month you will then get the opportunity to join the design team on a fall retreat next year.

Also the Causal Friday awards go to...

Kendra's Pick:

Rita!  Congrats to Rita and what a beautiful card.  Thanks so much for being our very first entry at Black Tie Friday! (even though it says you're number 2, you weren't) We have a special gift for you as well.  If you would go to the Employee of the week tab and fill out the form, submit it to us, you will receive a fun little something in the mail. (not a gift card) You will love it, I'm sure of it!!  We hope to see you again next week!  Don't forget to grab your badge.

Kelli's Pick:

Amiee!  Amiee your card is beautiful and we love the rainbow.  Congrats on winning the Casual Friday award, head over to the badges tap and grab that badge!!  We hope to see you play again!

We've been over thrilled with who played, spread the word as we continue with challenges and play at others!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Challenge #1

Welcome everyone to the very FIRST Black Tie Friday's challenge.  The design team is SO excited about you stopping by.  We really hope that you create and find challenge in the designs!  Remember, black IS a requirement on all projects unless it's specified not to use it!   This is a challenge for most of us!!  This weeks design is from Tiffany, and we all had fun. 

Let's see what the design team created for you to see.

Tiffany's first card design 
Inside of the first card (just had to share)

Tiffany's second card design

Kelli's Layout Design

Kendra's Card Design

They all turned out so lovely girls!  We can't wait to see what you create!

If you have any questions regarding the challenge please ask.  Remember to see the "company policy" tab for the rules of the blog. You may use your blog or flicker account.  Thanks for playing!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We'd really like to welcome you with a big warm fuzzy hug, but that might not be appropriate at the workplace, so instead welcome to Black Tie Friday's challenge blog!  We're so happy you have stopped by.  Hopefully you'll be joining us on a regular basis.  We hope you'll have just as much fun as we do.  Since Black Tie is our name, Black is our game!  Expect to see a lot of it here.  Click around and find out who we are, what we're about, and the special prizes you can win!  We are also looking for more talented people to come join our design team.  If you're interested please click on the Pencil Me In tab to find out more. Our first design challenge is scheduled to be live on the 14th of September, with several more to follow.  Again thanks for stopping by.  ((hugs))